Cedega für Jaunty

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How to Get Your Cedega Working On Ubuntu Jaunty

When i was using Ubuntu Jaunty Beta, i saw that cedega debian packages
do not work with jaunty.It complains about a dependency called
python2.4-dbus (Error: Dependency is not satisfiable:
Python2.4-dbus).Today we will fix this issue so your cedega will work
with Ubuntu Jaunty.Let’s start.

Download cedega package from here."cd" to the directory where you
downloaded cedega debian package (for example : cd

Now we will create folders :

$mkdir -p cedega_000133_all/DEBIAN

This will create cedega_000133_all folder and inside that DEBIAN
folder.Now let’s edit the packages, rebuild it and get things working :

$ar p cedega_000133_all.deb data.tar.gz | tar zx -C cedega_000133_all/

$ar p cedega_000133_all.deb control.tar.gz | tar zx -C

$mv cedega_000133_all.deb cedega_000133_all.prerebuild.deb

$perl -pi -e ‘s/python2.4-dbus/python-dbus/’

$dpkg-deb –build cedega_000133_all

$rm -rf cedega_000133_all

$sudo dpkg -i cedega_000133_all.deb

That is it.Have a nice kill : )

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